The PISA project: Assessment and Challenges

Issue 6

“The PISA project: Assessment and Challenges ”

Vasilis Koulaidis
Page 33-57


The aim of the paper is to present the results of the two rounds of the PISA programme (2000 and 2003) in a critical way, as well as to explore the challenges that these results pose for the educational systems. Initially, the paper presents the structure of the programme including its obejectives, the disciplinary fields on which each round focusses, the samples in the Greek case and the competencies evaluated within each disciplinary field. The presentation proceeds with the results concerning the Greek students’ performance often presented in comparison to the corresponding performance of students from other countries. Furthermore, the influence of factors such as the students’ socio-economic background and the material infrastructures invested in education on the Greek students’ performance is also examined. Finally, the paper closes with a critical evaluation of the implications of the programme as well as of the related dilemmas the educational systems are confronted with.