Training teachers for Greek-language education in the Diaspora

Issue 16-17

“Training teachers for Greek-language education in the Diaspora.”

Kyriaki Petraki, Michalis Damanakis



The various forms of Greek-language education in the Diaspora is the main area of its functioning and refinement. At the same time, teacher is the most important factor for the tuition of the Greek language in the Diaspora. The are two basic types of teachers in Greek education abroad: 1) Greek teachers who live and work abroad 2) Greek teachers living in Greece and transferred by the Ministry of Education for five years in schools abroad. The first type consists of many subtypes based on the basic training of the teachers. This article refers to the basic and in service training as well of the teachers that works in the Greek-language education in the Diaspora.
For the type (type 2) of Greek teachers (that lives in Greece and are detached abroad) their basic training is not specialized into the greek-language education abroad as a subject. At the same time their in-service training is not fully established by the greek Government. As it concerns the type of Greek teachers that lives abroad their basic training diverges from country to country. While regarding their in-service training we see that training is being taken over by the Greek state according to the law 2413/96 and the funding of the “Education for Greeks Abroad” project.
The types, the training forms as well as the conclusions that are come from them are particularly interesting.