Preschool teachers’ perspectives and use of digital game-based learning

Issue 25

“Preschool teachers’ perspectives and use of digital game-based learning”

Anthemis Raptopoulou

Pages 69 -90


The increasing interest in digitalization in education has resulted in the introduction of new digital tools in schools, one of which is digital games. Research on digital games and their educational potential has been mostly focused on primary, secondary and upper-secondary education. This study intends to explore the use of digital games in preschools in the Swedish context. The study focuses on preschool teachers as regards their perspectives and use of games, as well as the type of school where they work at. The objectives of the research are to explore: (i) what the teachers’ perspectives on digital game-based learning (DGBL) are and whether these perspectives have an implication on the use of games; (ii) how digital games are selected and used by the teachers and whether there are any barriers to their use; and (iii) whether the perspectives and use of digital games differ between independent and public preschools. The data was gathered through qualitative semi-structured interviews with preschool teachers from the region of Stockholm. Findings indicate that the role of the teacher is critical when it comes to the use of digital games in preschools, especially when it comes to their evaluation and implementation. The study further reflects on the importance of teachers in the strengthening of a school’s digitalization.

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