Political education and politicization. Paradoxically a difficult relationship

Issue 20-21

“Political education and politicization. Paradoxically a difficult relationship”

Kostas A. Lavdas



Tackling the complex relationship between political education (civics) and the different forms of politicization, the paper focuses on a number of crucial prerequisites for a critical analysis of the Greek case in comparative perspective. It is argued that the significance and the impact of political education need to be addressed with reference to its contribution to different forms and modalities of politicization, quite apart from benchmarking and the other methods that power centers (at the local, regional, national, EU, and international level) use in order to assess education. The case of political education in a multicultural society is approached as an especially critical case for the analysis of the links between education, identity, shared beliefs, and politicization. The article concludes by exploring different analytical and normative models of political education from the perspective of the relations between cognitive and moral concerns.