Paper submission

Notes for contributors

Comparative and International Education Review publishes papers which have not been published, in part or in full, in other journals or publications. This policy also applies to material submitted elsewhere while the contribution to Comparative and International Education Review is under consideration. The entire typescript, including text, tables, notes and references, should not exceed 5000 words. Contributors are requested to submit their manuscript in .doc format via e-mail ( or through the paper submission form.

Manuscript format

To ensure the authors’ anonymity, their identification (name, affiliation, postal and e-mail address, phone number – office and residence – and a short CV) are provided on a separate sheet. An abstract (of about 100 words) of the paper should also be submitted on a separate sheet.
The typescript should be printed on one side of the sheets (size: A4, spacing: 1.5 lines, with ample right and left-hand margins as well as ample spaces from the top and bottom of the page).
Tables, charts, graphs and figures should be presented on separate sheets at the end of the manuscript and not included as part of the text. Their exact position within the text should be indicated in the typescript.
Notes, if any, should be backnotes, not footnotes.
References, when cited in the text, should be indicated in parentheses by giving the author’s name and the year of publication and, if the page number is needed, a colon followed by the page number. Example: (King 1984) or (King 1984:12). The references should be listed in full at the end of the paper in the following standard form:

For books:
Hans, Ν. (1958). Comparative Education: A Study of Educational
Factors and Traditions, London, Routledge and Keagan Paul.

For chapters within books
Rust, V.D. & Kenderes, A. (2011). “Paulston and Paradigms“, in
Weidman, J.C. & Jacob, W.J, (eds.), Beyond the Comparative:
Advancing Theory and Its Application to Practice, Sense Publishers,
pp. 19-29.

For articles:
Kazamias, A. M. (1970). “Woozles and Wizzles in the Methodology of
Comparative Education”, Comparative Education
Review, 14, No.3, pp. 255-261.

For online documents:
Williams, J. (2009). Is Online Learning a Solution for Crash-Strapped
California Schools?,, 14/06/09. http://www. _Online_Learning_
= 1246358289. Προσπελάστηκε στις 15 Ιουνίου 2009.

Peer-review of papers

Comparative and International Education Review applies “blind peer-review”. All contributions that are selected for peer-review are sent by the Editorial Board to two referees who specialize in the subject of the papers. Once approved by both referees, the publication date of the papers depends on the planning of the Editorial Board. In the event of disagreement between the referees, the Editorial Board reserves the right to decide whether the paper will be returned to the author for correction, as indicated by the referees. The paper is published, provided that the corrections meet the standards of the Editorial Board. In all cases, authors are informed of the referees’ report in due time.

Please note the following:

1. Approval of a paper by the Editorial Board by no means implies acceptance of the author’s views on the part of the Editorial Board.
2. The referees’ names are not to be announced to the authors / It is the journal’s policy to keep the referees’ names confidential.
3. Typescripts are not returned to their authors.
4. No part of the publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the written permission of the Editor. The copyright holder of published articles, commentary, etc, including the abstracts, is ELESDE and the Editor.