“Global education agenda” and “knowledge politics”: current ‘landscapes’ and ‘discourses’

Issue 28

““Global education agenda” and “knowledge politics”: current ‘landscapes’ and ‘discourses’”

Georgios Pasias & Dimitrios Foteinos

Pages 75 – 107

In this paper we critically analyze the “new” educational imaginary in the frame of the “global educational agenda” and the current policies of knowledge regimes. We examine the paradigm shift at symbolic,educational and political level, influenced by the ideotypes of the ‘market driven ideology’ as well as of the neoliberal techno-preneurial rationale. The study examines the knowledge policy discourses, practices and effects at the curriculum, textbooks and teaching practices as a part of a new “edu-scape” constructed by critical key signifiers such as ‘quality
indicators’, ‘competences,’ ‘standards’, ‘bencmarking’. It is also argued that the new education device towards the totally pedagogised society is dominated by an “audit/policy by numbers” culture, by “performativity” and “accountability” regimes as well as by the symbolic control of a risk, insecure and precarious society.

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