Comparative Education and the human – citizen: towards a “Heteropedagogical” approach

Issue 27

“Comparative Education and the human – citizen: towards a “Heteropedagogical” approach”

Pella Calogiannakis

Pages 61 – 80


In the present study, Comparative Education (CE) is linked to the contemporary challenges of the current
socio-cultural and educational context. In particular, it is related to issues of political socialization and otherness,
with an emphasis on the role CE can play in creating the “human-citizen”. Our aim is to approach CE as
“Heteropedagogical”; an angle that could contribute to a re-interpretative approach to modern challenges
and developments in the field of education. In this framework, CE is invited to submit its proposal for the
reconstruction of education based upon promoting the notion of the “human-citizen”. Towards this direction,
the challenge is to raise the CE to “Heteropedagogical” in order to “rethink” the principles which govern
education, while redefining its aims and objectives, as well as to highlight the human – citizen, of whom
society and 21st century education is so in need.

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