Common lesson planning in teachers professional development

Issue 29

“Common lesson planning in teachers professional development”

Georgios Kyrianakis

Pages 73 – 89

Policies, such as neoliberarism and globalization, and trends as well, which dominate in the modern societies, lead to the change of the school’s role. School teachers, in order to respond to these changes, have to cultivate their professional identity and make good use of beneficial collaborative practices. In this article, among 100 elementary school teachers, who are teaching in schools located in Attica, we are searching the collaborative practices that are being implemented by them, aiming for their professional development, and the aid of the “lesson study” in this ambition. The results of our study affirm that school teachers exploit, mostly, the discussion groups and the exchange of ideas, educational material and practices that simultaneously with the contribution of the “lesson study” combine to bring about the improvement of collaboration vibe/mood among collegues, the efficacy of school teachers and the development of innovative practices and approaches, which establish the school as “a learning organization and society”

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